Technology and Innovation

“Advanced technology will be critical as the grid is required to handle more distributed generation and smarter appliances, as well as customers who demand greater flexibility and more information. To protect our economic and national security, the grid must become more reliable and resilient. We will continue to advocate for policies that allow technologies to mature while ensuring those who use the grid pay their share of the costs to maintain the grid.”

— Nick Akins, chairman, president and chief executive officer, AEP

Customer Mobile Outage Alerts

AEP launched mobile customer outage alerts in 2015 to more than 5 million customers. This allows us to provide customers with more timely information about when their power will be restored.

The Integrated Grid

A robust grid is a critical enabler of generation resource diversity, new storage and demand side technologies. Our investments in the grid will enhance and improve reliability and connectivity while enabling the integration of new technologies. In the future, the grid will likely resemble a technology integration network, with two-way flows of power and information to meet customers’ needs.

Employee Innovation

Our employees are putting their technical expertise and innovative thinking to work for customers and investors.


New, advanced grid technologies are being integrated into the existing network to improve service quality and reliability.

Developing Technologies

We are learning about and investing in the development of new and emerging technologies.


SLIDE SHOW Technology & Innovation

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