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The increase in our recordable and severity rates last year will be a major focus of our safety and health efforts in 2015. To improve our overall safety and health performance, we have a number of proactive activities planned beginning with an initiative to discover what we can do to significantly prevent slips, trips and falls as well as incidents related to over-exertion (sprains and strains). We are using employee safety summits and analysis techniques such as the “slip simulator” to dissect employee safety-related behaviors. A “slip simulator” teaches employees how to safely walk on different types of surfaces without falling.

We are also focusing more attention on identifying and addressing precursors that could potentially lead to serious injury or even fatality. Our goal is to proactively identify potential exposures and precursors that could lead to serious events. The intent is to move from “how could this happen” to “how can we manage and control these precursors.”


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