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American Electric Power is proud to share with you our 2015 Corporate Accountability Report. This is AEP’s sixth integrated report combining the Annual Report to Shareholders with the Corporate Sustainability Report. This is our ninth year of reporting our sustainability performance. AEP’s website - - includes significant data and information about AEP’s performance that is largely based on calendar year 2014 with exceptions for early 2015 data as noted. This website is also complimented by an iPad app and is now available for the iPhone. The information and data contained in this report has been internally audited and aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines. In addition, AEP’s Board of Directors issues a statement of accountability. For more information about AEP, visit

AEP’s 2015 Corporate Accountability Report is available for download on the App Store.

available on the app store


AEP follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting principles in terms of data quality, report content and organizational boundaries. We use GRI’s G4 guidelines, as well as the GRI Electric Utility Sector Supplement for reporting on industry-specific information.

Audit Review Of This Report

AEP Audit Services performed a limited review of company performance statements contained within the 2015 AEP Corporate Accountability Report. Financial information was reconciled with AEP's audited financial statements, if applicable, or to such other sources as deemed appropriate. Selected processes used in accumulating the significant nonfinancial data were reviewed and the associated data reconciled to the sources(s). The appropriateness of the context in which data are presented was also reviewed. Finally, forward-looking information was verified as consistent with other public information disclosed by AEP. Based upon our review, we believe the performance information contained within the Report is appropriately stated, and that the processes followed in accumulating both the financial and nonfinancial information are reasonable.

Andrew B. Reis
Vice President, Audit Services
April 28, 2015


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