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Resource Planning

Our stakeholders often ask us if we factor the cost of carbon into our resource planning. The answer is “yes” and we have been doing so for years.

The potential for carbon regulation has been part of our integrated resource planning process and is continuously evolving as more definitive requirements emerge from Congress and federal regulators. AEP’s planning process considers all available resource and market options to achieve the most economical outcome for us and our customers.

Several AEP operating company subsidiaries are required to develop periodic integrated resource plans (IRP) that are filed with state public utility commissions. Not all states require them. IRPs help the companies and state regulators to plan for meeting customers’ energy needs over a certain period of time. Learn more about resource planning at AEP.

AEP Operating Company by State Case Number/Docket
Appalachian Power Co. - VirginiaVSCC Case No. PUE-2013-00097
Appalachian Power Co. – West VirginiaN/A
Indiana Michigan Power Co. - IndianaIURC Case No. 44413
Indiana Michigan Power Co. - MichiganN/A
Kentucky Power CompanyKPSC Case No. 2013-00475
AEP OhioPUCO Case No. 10-501-EL-FOR and 10-502-EL-FOR
Public Service Company of OklahomaN/A
Southwestern Electric Power Co. - LouisianaLPSC Docket No. R-30021
Southwestern Electric Power Co. - ArkansasAPSC Docket 07-011-U-Doc. 21

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