About Our Business

Powering The Future

“To become the utility that the future demands, we must continue to enhance and improve the reliability, connectivity and resiliency of the grid. Our ongoing responsibility is to make sure our service is available wherever and whenever it is needed or wanted. While that responsibility won’t change, the way we do it will continue to evolve.”

- Nick Akins, chairman, president and chief executive officer

Our Plan for Sustainable Growth

Our strategy for growth and the transition to build the utility model of the future is to embrace change by building upon our commitment to operational excellence and being adaptable, solutions-oriented and innovative. Our investments enable the electric grid to be more reliable, resilient and flexible. We are learning about and investing in the development of an integrated grid that will provide greater connectivity as well as the two-way information flows that customers want. And, we are investing in developing our current and future work force to meet the challenges and opportunities as we transition to the utility of the future.

AEP operates approximately 37,600 megawatts of generating capacity in 10 states, one of the largest complements of generation in the United States. 61 percent of AEP’s owned generating capacity is coal-fueled; natural gas makes up the second largest fuel resource. AEP will retire approximately 6,600 MW of coal-fueled capacity by 2016.

AEP's Values

Our values are the foundation of our business. Developed collaboratively with our employees, these values will see us through industry challenges so we can be successful.


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