2015 Corporate Accountability Report

Powering The Future

Building a bright future

The electric utility industry is undergoing a major transformation that will result in a cleaner, stronger, more flexible, reliable and resilient grid. We envision a grid that is more intelligent and responsive and is valued for the services it provides. To achieve this, we are embracing change by building upon our commitment to operational excellence and being adaptable, solutions-oriented and innovative.

Message from the Chairman

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The utility that powers the future will operate a modern grid that supplies two-way flows of power and information, is adaptable, flexible and reliable. This is a challenging but exciting time for our company and our industry, and I am confident in our ability to respond as we strive to build a more prosperous future.

Power Line Safety

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There is nothing more important to us than the safety and health of our employees, contractors and the public. Our industry is actively engaged in educating the public about the danger of coming into contact with live electrical equipment and promoting how to safely work around power lines and other facilities.

BOLD Transmission

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Our transmission business continues to be a major growth engine for AEP as changes in the electric industry present more opportunities for AEP Transmission, inside and outside of our service territory.

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BOLD Transmission

AEP Transmission used cutting edge technology with the design of a new and compact extra-high voltage 345-kV line, called BOLD. The new line design is being built for the first time in the rebuilding and expansion of an existing 138-kV line near Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Material Issues

Identifying and reporting on the most relevant, material issues for a company and its stakeholders are the foundation of sound disclosure. The level of disclosure that is being sought has never been higher, nor has there been as much at stake in terms of transparency of environmental, social and governance performance. Today, the emphasis on materiality extends beyond financial reporting to encompass sustainability disclosure.

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Board of Directors Statement

The AEP Board of Directors has assigned responsibility for monitoring and overseeing the company’s sustainability initiatives to the Board’s Committee on Directors and Corporate Governance. This is the sixth year AEP has integrated its sustainability reporting with financial reporting. The Committee fully supports this approach. Stakeholders have expressed approval and appreciation for AEP’s leadership with this integrated approach to corporate reporting.

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